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Chair Cane 1.50 MM    Chair Cane 1.75 MM    Chair Cane 2.00 MM     Chair Cane 2.25 MM   


Chair Cane 2.50 MM    Chair Cane 2.75 MM    Chair Cane 3.00 MM    Chair Cane 3.50 MM

Binder Cane 4.00 MM    Binder Cane 5.00 MM    Binder Cane 6.00 MM

Natural strand cane (also known as chair cane) is made from the outside bark of rattan.  Rattan is a tropical vine.  The bark is cut by machine to various widths for use in basket weaving and chair caning.  It is used as a weaver in basket weaving and as a seating material in chair caning.

Natural binder cane is like chair cane.  It is made from the rattan bark.  Binder cane is a very versatile material.  It is used to cover holes in chair caning, as a seating material in chair caning, as a wrapping material in rattan and wicker furniture, and as a weaver in basket weaving.

Generally 270 feet of chair cane and 8 feet for binder cane is needed to complete one average seat or back for chair caning. 

Key Benefits

  • Durable, light weight, and flexible material
  • Readily accepts paints and stains like many other kinds of wood
  • Premium selected quality
  • Binder Cane comes in approximately 500 feet coils
  • Chair Cane comes in approximately 1,000 feet coils
  • Chair Cane 1.5 MM and 1.75 MM comes in approximately 500 feet coils


Description SKU # Price
Chair Cane 1.50 MM 500' (Carriage Superfine Chair Cane) CC-150M $17.95
Chair Cane 1.75 MM 500' (Carriage Fine Chair Cane) CC-175M $19.95
Chair Cane 2.00 MM 1,000' (Superfine Chair Cane) CC-200M $23.95
Chair Cane 2.25 MM 1,000' (Fine Fine Chair Cane) CC-225M $24.95
Chair Cane 2.50 MM 1,000' (Fine Chair Cane) CC-250M $26.95
Chair Cane 2.75 MM 1,000' (Narrow Medium Chair Cane) CC-275M $28.95
Chair Cane 3.00 MM 1,000' (Medium Chair Cane) CC-300M $31.95
Chair Cane 3.50 MM 1,000' (Common Chair Cane) CC-350M $35.95
Binder Cane 4.00 MM 500' (Narrow Binder Cane) BC-400M $16.45
Binder Cane 5.00 MM 500' (Medium Binder Cane) BC-500M $17.45
Binder Cane 6.00 MM 500' (Wide Binder Cane) BC-600M $18.45

Binder Cane

Chair Cane


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