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#00 Seagrass 1 lb    #1 Seagrass 1 lb   #2 Seagrass 1 lb    #3 Seagrass 1 lb    #1 Seagrass 3 lb    #3 Seagrass 3 lb

Seagrass is a hand twisted material whose thickness will vary.  This material is very popular in the basket weaving world due to its varsity.  Seagrass is frequently used in basket weaving as part of the basket rim so the basket rim will have that finished look.  Additionally, seagrass has been used as a weaver to craft baskets.

Seagrass in the chair caning world is frequently known as Hong Kong grass.  Seagrass adapts itself quite well to chair caning.  Generally 3 pounds of seagrass and 8 feet for binder cane is needed to complete one average seat or back for chair caning. 

Key Benefits

  • Flexible material
  • Very adaptable to many basket weaving and chair caning projects
  • Does not need to be soaked before use as a weaving material in basket weaving and chair caning projects


Description SKU # Price
#00 Seagrass 1 lb S-00W1 $4.95
#1 Seagrass 1 lb S-1W1 $3.45
# 2 Seagrass 1 lb S-2W1 $3.45
#3 Seagrass 1 lb S-3W1 $3.45
#1 Seagrass 3 lb S-1W3 $9.25
#2 Seagrass 3 lb S-2W3 $9.25
#3 Seagrass 3 lb S-3W3 $9.25

1 lb Sizes
3 lb Sizes


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